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Parents, stop worrying with automatic leaf-self expanders!

Spend less time at the office and worrying about expanders with new technology that does it all for you -- Leaf Self Expanders

Palatal expansion is often a crucial aspect of orthodontic treatment, particularly for ensuring proper spatial development of the palate and facilitating successful orthodontic procedures. It's not just about creating space for incoming teeth; studies reveal that addressing maxillary constriction or crossbite can also play a significant role in enhancing airway function in children by reducing nasal airway obstruction and improving respiratory function.

Research indicates that addressing palatal developmental issues becomes more challenging with age. Hence, early intervention in younger patients is highly responsive to expansion therapy, requiring less force to achieve desired outcomes. Traditionally, palatal expansion relied heavily on patient compliance and at a substantial costs.

Enter the Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE), a device bonded to the patient's teeth, which significantly widens the upper jaw, allowing for proper alignment of upper and lower teeth. For many patients, this expansion can prevent the need for tooth extraction by creating ample space for permanent teeth to erupt. The RPE is activated using a key that turns a screw in the middle, gradually widening the palate and stimulating new bone growth between the two halves of the palate.

However, adherence to the prescribed treatment regimen is paramount for successful palatal expansion. The complex nature of RPE treatment often necessitates multiple appointments over several weeks or months. Challenges arise when patients or parents struggle to perform proper at-home care, resulting in additional visits and potential setbacks.

Fortunately, there's a groundbreaking solution – the Leaf Self Expander. Developed by Leone Orthodontics in Florence, Italy, the Leaf Self Expander offers a paradigm shift in orthodontic treatment. Unlike traditional expanders, the Leaf utilizes double nickel titanium leaf-shaped springs that apply controlled forces throughout treatment without requiring patient activation.

This innovative device, pre-loaded to each patient's unique needs, minimizes the need for frequent appointments and reduces the burden on patients and parents. With the Leaf Expander, clinical efficiency is enhanced, requiring fewer office visits and less time in the chair. Moreover, once activated, no further action is needed, making it a revolutionary advancement in orthodontic care.

At Bold Bite Orthodontics, we're committed to providing our patients with the latest advancements in orthodontic technology. With the Leaf Self Expander, we aim to transform the orthodontic experience, ensuring optimal results with minimal inconvenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily activations and hello to a brighter, smoother journey towards a confident smile.

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