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Bold Bite Orthodontics in Jacksonville Beach, FL
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Free 30-Second Smile Assessment Quiz

Take our 30-second quiz to find out if Braces, Aligners, or Invisalign is right for you.

Have you worn braces or invisible aligners in the past?
What is your smile transformation goal?

Which smile looks similar to yours/your child's?

Gapped Teeth
Crowded Teeth
What’s your biggest question about treatment?
Where are you in your journey for a new smile?
Would you prefer to have your consultation in person at our Jacksonville Beach, FL office or a virtual consult with Dr. Greenberg?

Thanks! We’ll be in touch!

Bold Bite Orthodontic Options
Call Bold Bite Orthodontics

(904) 595-6869

Visit Bold Bite Orthodontics

14035 Beach Blvd #104, Jacksonville, FL 32250​


No Charge

There is no charge for the comprehensive ortho exam and consultation with Dr. Greenberg, which usually takes no longer than 45 minutes.



Photographs and x-rays (if needed) are usually taken at the start of your appointment.

Orthodontic Icons

Dr. Greenberg

Dr. Marty Greenberg will do a comprehensive exam and will discuss all treatment options available as well as answer any questions that you may have.

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