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Advanced Technology

At Bold Bite Orthodontics, we utilize the latest in orthodontic technology. Cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and equipment help us determine orthodontic issues with expedience and accelerate your treatment.


Braces on Demand

  • Custom, 3D printed braces that improve and speed up treatment

  • One size fits one, instead of the one-size-fits-all mentality of traditional braces

  • Fewer office visits than traditional braces

  • Faster treatment than traditional braces



  • The aligners are nearly invisible 

  • Hand-trimmed to provide increased comfort.

  • Removable making it easy for you to enjoy the foods you love.

  • Fewer total appointments are needed throughout treatment.


Grin Scope Monitoring

  • Get weekly treatment check-ins, without setting foot in the office.

  • A completely digital way for our team to monitor your progress

  • Catches possible treatment issues before they become problems.

  • Makes treatment safer, better and less hassle

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A healthy smile starts with a foundation of healthy bones and gums. Our orthodontists are dedicated to helping you build and maintain that foundation. CBCT scans are an important part of providing high-quality care and helping you achieve total dental health.

You’ve probably heard of or received full mouth x-rays (FMX) or panoramic x-rays (PANO) from your dentist in the past. 


  • FMX — Typically taken every 3-5 years by your dentist. The FMX captures images of each tooth and the surrounding structures and is used to diagnose gum disease, cavities, dental abscesses, and lesions.

  • PANO — A single picture image most often used by oral surgeons and orthodontists. This type of x-ray does not provide explicit detail.


Compared to these standard x-rays, a dental CBCT scan is a much more detailed and effective method of capturing information about your dental health. CBCT technology also uses less radiation and requires fewer scans to see the different views and angles of your mouth. Plus, unlike traditional dental x-rays, the cone beam CT scan can show both bones and soft tissues.


There are many benefits to getting a CBCT scan:

  • Better image quality and accuracy

  • Provides comprehensive information about your oral health

  • Comfortable and quick experience

  • A lower dose of radiation

Braces on Demand
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Braces on Demand

Once Science Fiction, 3D Printing has now become an important part of today’s orthodontic industry. We are able to take the 3D digital models noted above to manipulate and print into the physical world. Our in-house machine allows us to 3D print whatever type of orthodontic appliances we need. In whatever color you want. And in a durable, aesthetic, biocompatible photo-cured polymer.

  • Custom, 3D printed braces that improve and speed up treatment

  • One size fits one, instead of the one-size-fits-all mentality of traditional braces

  • Fewer office visits than traditional braces

  • Faster treatment than traditional braces

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Bold Bite Orthodontics, located in Jacksonville, FL, utilizes advanced technology in their orthodontic procedures. One such technology is the iTero scanner, which revolutionizes the process of creating digital 3D impressions of your mouth. Unlike traditional methods that required uncomfortable molds, iTero scanners employ a laser or light-emitting wand that is gently run through your mouth to capture precise digital impressions.

Compared to older intraoral scanners, the wands used in iTero scanners are significantly smaller. This size reduction has eliminated the challenges of maneuverability that plagued the previous scanners. The larger wands of the past made it difficult to achieve a comprehensive scan, particularly for the hard-to-reach molars. This limitation led to criticism due to inaccurate impressions. However, with the compact iTero wand, even the farthest molars can be easily reached, representing a significant advancement in intraoral scanning technology.

The smaller size of the wand brings additional benefits as well. You no longer have to uncomfortably open your mouth wide during the scanning process. The reduced size grants the orthodontist greater flexibility as they navigate through your mouth to capture the scan. This flexibility translates into improved detail and accuracy in the digital impressions. With iTero digital impressions, speed and precision go hand in hand.

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